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Location: 310 N Franklin St.

Artists: "Frilled Lizard Playing Piano" by Jackson Deyerle.

Artists: "Lady With Guitar"  by Kevin Pearl, painted by Kevin and Mike Barnes.

Artists: “Drumming Kitty” by Jonas Knutson, painted by Jonas, Jerry Turner, Stella Peterson and Robyn Peterson.

About Art Explorers

Art Explorers, Inc. is a non-profit creative arts program in Fort Bragg, California, that serves adult artists with developmental disabilities and brain injuries. We currently have an enrollment of 36 students, including some who have been participating for over 20 years. We have a spacious studio and gallery in the downtown area, where we exhibit and sell artwork on an on-going basis. We operate a 5-day a week program. Our funding comes from the Redwood Coast Regional Center and donations from the public.

Art is a universal, non-verbal language, without definite rules or restrictions. Our mission is to provide a fun, artistically stimulating environment for creativity to thrive, where people with disabilities are welcomed and accepted as artists. We nurture each individual artist to follow their passion, to discover the right art materials, and to find their own unique style and voice. Our studio is an uplifting, magical place…creating art together gives people a sense of purpose, and promotes camaraderie. This helps to combat the isolation that’s inherently part of the lives of many. We believe that art transforms lives, and opens the window to the deepest expression and yearnings of the human spirit. For more information or to make a donation, please visit our website: www.artexplorers.org

If you are standing in front of these three murals, the Art Explorers studio is right across the street to your left, at 333 Franklin. They are open Tuesday- Saturdays 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Go say hi and see what the artists are working on this week.

“Frilled Lizard Playing Piano” was created and painted by Jackson Deyerle.

 Jackson started doing art in middle school—drawing with friends. His work is very detailed. All of his drawings are from his own imagination, but he finds inspiration in a lot of movies and shows, especially works by Hayao Miyazaki. Jackson researches his creations in books—using everything from cartoons to realistic styles and designs. He loves Anime and manga, but says, “Any art in the world is interesting to look at.” He also finds inspiration in music and cooking—two other art forms.

“Life definitely has its many challenges. Things can be hard. Follow your heart. Make friends, travel, make your own story.” – Jackson Deverle

“Lady With Guitar” was created by Kevin Pearl and painted by Kevin and Mike Barnes.

 Kevin has a rich, connected life. He is busy in his beloved hometown of Fort Bragg—working at the Paul Bunyan thrift store, hanging out with friends, and making art at Art Explorers. He is a people person! Kevin takes great pride in his finished work and often spends several weeks on one drawing. Kevin often uses collaged photos in his work, which he integrates into his drawings, and which give his artwork a contemporary quality. Kevin is inspired by modern culture, by western themes, by celebrities, and movies. He loves life, loves where he lives, and has a sense of humor about his work.

“Doing art makes me feel happy, and I love being happy.” – Kevin Pearl

“Drumming Kitty” was created by Jonas Knutson and painted by Jonas, Jerry Turner, Stella Peterson and Robyn Peterson.

Jonas grew up in Lodi and Fresno, and moved to Fort Bragg, California in 2017.

He loves living by the ocean, and likes walking by the ocean. He is a big fan of the C.V. Starr Aquatic Center in Fort Bragg and tries to go there almost every day to swim. Jonas likes painting and drawing pictures of cool animals and rainbows. Besides art and swimming, Jonas likes to sing, and cook pancakes on Saturdays for breakfast.